FAQ on Gobos

What is a gobo?

Our prospective clients ask us this question often, so we'd like to explain the meaning and applications here. 

A gobo is a steel or glass stencil-like sheet that is used in light projection fixtures. Gobos project patterns, textures, colors, and graphics on to floors, ceilings and walls.

The name gobo comes from "go between" or "goes between optics". The gobo is inserted into a sleeve in between the light fixture's light source (bulb) and its lens. The lens allows the installer to focus and size the projected image based on the desired look.

There are two primary types of gobos: standard stock gobos and custom gobos. 

There are also two types of gobo materials: steel and glass.

Standard Gobos

Standard gobos, or stock gobos, are gobos that are pre-manufactured in thousands of different patterns, images, and objects. Many common items, such as landmarks, hearts, stars, sports imagery, and abstract patterns are available as standard gobos. When you select a standard gobo projection fixture rental, we include your choice of standard/stock gobos at no additional charge.

Custom Gobos

Custom gobos are manufactured specifically for your event. They can include your logo, company name, couples' names, initials, event date, graphic of choice, and so on. They are manufactured by taking your image (a high resolution JPEG, PNG, or PDF) and manipulating it based on the type of gobo.

Steel Gobos

Steel gobos are the most frequently used kind of gobo. They are laser-cut from a thin sheet of steel. This means that the image being produced has "bridging", which refers to very thin lines to hold the gobo pattern together. For example, this image shows the difference between the original graphic and the gobo pattern:

(Image via Apollo)

(Image via Apollo)

Steel gobos are the most cost-effective choice of custom gobo. However, there are some limitations to the complexity of the image, and some graphics are more heavily impacted by bridging than others.

Glass Gobos

Glass gobos are custom manufactured, and can include a 1-color or full color image of your logo, monogram, or other graphic. Glass gobos can be more complex and also more easily legible than steel gobos. If you are hosting an annual event, glass gobos are an excellent choice because the projection quality is high and they are reusable year after year.

How many gobos do I need?

To determine the quantity and type of gobos you need for your event, please contact us. We'll review the layout of the space, the objectives of the projections, and we'll develop a layout that creates the impact you're envisioning. Our phone number is 908-735-9870 and our email address is egg@eggsoticevents.com. Please also visit our website at www.eggsoticevents.com.