Ceremonial Rentals: Grand Openings & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Rentals

We have a great collection of rental items for New Jersey store openings and other business celebrations. Here's a few samples from our inventory. If there's anything you don't see please contact us!

Ribbon Cutting Scissor Rentals

25" red and gold ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors

25" red and gold ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors

Our ribbon cutting scissors are perfect for grand openings and re-openings. At 25" long, they're perfect for photo ops. We can also supply red ribbon or you can provide your own.

Red Carpet Rentals

25' long x 4' wide red carpet with chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes

25' long x 4' wide red carpet with chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes

Our plush red carpets come in 25' x 4' long sections. We also offer custom sized red carpets (for purchase only). Please contact us to discuss pricing for custom sizes.

Our chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes are the perfect complement to the red carpet rental. Please email us for pricing and availability.

Here's a custom red carpet we provided for the James A. Michener Art Museum. The goal was to create an entry accent that was reusable each year, and that stores in manageable pieces. The carpet add lots of color to the entry, even on a cloudy day.

Custom red carpet for James A. Michener Art Museum

Custom red carpet for James A. Michener Art Museum

Other Grand Opening Rentals

We also offer Step and Repeat printing and installation, as well as backdrop rentals in all sizes. Our freestanding pipe and base system allows for quick setup and takedown, and you can purchase a custom step and repeat banner to use for future events.

If you're hosting an evening celebration, please ask us about event lighting. We can add lots of color to interior and exterior spaces to reinforcing your branding, and we also offer custom logo light projections.

If there's anything else you're looking for for your upcoming ceremony, please email us at egg@eggsoticevents.com or call our office at 908-735-9870.





Unique Bar Rentals in New Jersey and New York City

Decorative bar rentals are a great way to reinforce themes, while also providing a functional focal point for your event. Here are some of our favorites from the Eggsotic Events collection:

Our simple, rustic oak barrel bar is popular for tent weddings and vineyard events, and features a wooden top and two classic oak barrels. Special rigging makes it sturdy even in high use. It looks great accompanied by live ferns and other floral/foliage accents.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Lightup Bar Glowing Bar with Sports Theme Custom Bar Super Bowl NYC NJ 1.jpg

This high-impact 12' double bar was part of the Club Primesport Super Bowl Pregame Experience. We provided glowing bars and installed custom graphics to reinforce the host company's branding. Behind the bar, we used custom black drape, diamond plate panels, and custom artwork of Bonnie Bernstein, one of the event's celebrity hosts.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Nautical Theme Bar Beach Bar Sailor Jerry Rum Bar 1.jpg

This nautical themed bar was for Sailor Jerry Rum's booth at an alcohol industry trade show. We heard it was the highlight of the event and the busiest booth of the whole show. Our captain's wheel, swordfish, foliage, and other nautical accents reinforced the brand's signature look.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Tropical Bar Rental Tiki Bar Bamboo Bar  1.jpg

This is actually the same bar as the Sailor Jerry bar shown above, only instead of a nautical surround, it was coupled with an elegant tropical floral arrangement and a personal accent photo.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Black Light UV Glow Party Bar with Artwork Voodoo Spirits 2.jpg

This glowing acrylic bar is coupled with one of our hand-painted panel art creations by Egils Matiss. It's our Voodoo Spirits artwork that color changes with a flashing LED light effect and reacts to UV black lights. For more photos from this gorgeous glowing event, visit our black light glow parties page.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Asian Theme Food Surround Bar Display 1.jpg

These Asian food stations also double as bars. They're designed to fit perfectly over a standard 8' banquet table. Add a bar height table and you're set! These surrounds include bamboo roofs, authentic decor accents, and our realistic artificial bamboo plants as a background accent.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Lightup Bar with Backdrop Tent Wedding 2.jpg

This is our glowing acrylic bar in cyan blue, with our unique abstract pattern backdrop. This backdrop is completely modular, so it can be sized to stage backdrops, tent side walls, or hanging decorative accents. This element also makes an appearance at our recent candy theme sweet sixteen.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Archie Comics Theme Bar Glowing 50s Diner 1.jpg

This bar was in the kids' area at one of our most memorably unique bar mitzvahs: an Archie Comics theme mitzvah. We created a '50s diner-inspired backdrop and used our jumbo ice cream, ketchup, burger and gum ball machine as accents.

Here's a glowing bar we customized for a technology trade show in NYC. We used our ultra-bright LED lights, so that even in a room with the house lights on, this bar shines. Here's another great perk of glowing bars:

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Lightup Bar Trade Show Glowing Martini Bar Purple 2.jpg

Glasses and bottles glow on top of the bar, creating a bonus focal point. 

For a more classic look, this wooden bar was the perfect match for the stone barn.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Ice Bar Arctic Winter Theme Trade Show Decor 1.jpg

For winter events, an ice bar with our arctic surround is the perfect focal point.

Bar Rental NJ NYC Eggsotic Events Wine Bar with Shelves Vineyard Theme 1.jpg

One of the most recent additions to our bar collection is this beautiful 3-sided wooden bar with shelves. The frames over each bar can be customized with the event's branding. The real oak barrels underneath are coupled with fall foliage accents, and the shelves are lined with wine bottles and themed images. This bar can be transformed into different styles based on theme and season.

Are you looking for any of these bars, or another style of bar for your next event? Email us at egg@eggsoticevents.com to discuss your customized bar solution.